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“So I say to you, ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and
the door will be opened for you.”
~Jesus Christ~


We excel in differentiating learning for each student.


Communication is key between school and home.


Build your “domestic church” through a life of prayer.


Ideals of good sportsmanship and Christianity shall be the overriding influence.


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Our school’s operation is funded by the generosity of our Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish and the added financial contributions of our school
families through tuition. Please contact the school for tuition information.

St. Mary’s School has 71 students enrolled in PreK through Grade 6 as of October 14, 2023.

St. Mary’s School/Diocese of Toledo’s policy regarding background checks for teaching, non-teaching employees, and for volunteers who have direct contact with students.

Diocese of Toledo Office of Youth Protection and Victim Assistance

For information on how you can help to support St. Mary School, please contact the school 419-342-2626 or
Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish office 419-347-2381.

144 Years of Educating

We are a ministry of the Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish, built on a foundation of Faith, Academics, and Service! Families are not required to be Catholic to attend; all faith denominations are welcome! Year over year, the St. Mary faculty and staff continue to review and improve how we manage the classroom experience for each student. This year specials classes such as Spanish, art, music, social skills, technology/coding, or gym will be offered daily.

Growing Together in Faith!

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New Year, Same God!

Welcome to St. Mary School, home of the Jets and Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish! It is a brand-new school year. Our theme this year is: GROWING TOGETHER IN FAITH

Children in Church

Our Mission Statement

St. Mary School, sponsored by Most Pure Heart of Mary Parish, aims to lead all hearts and families to know, love, and serve God in our community.  We provide an excellent educational environment and a place to encounter the living God.  Our goal at St. Mary is to develop the whole child with the necessary life skills to use his or her unique gifts to contribute to our community and eventually get to heaven.