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Bus transportation to and from school is available through Shelby City Schools. Our utmost concern is for the safety of each child. Students must obey expectations for respect of self and others as well as the rules and regulations established by the school system and the bus driver. Infringements can result in expulsion from bus privileges.

Paperwork may be filled out at time of registration. Any changes or issues should be discussed with the bus garage at 419-342-2442. Rules of conduct for student bus passengers are basic and necessary for safe operation. Students are asked to be on time at their bus stops. Observe same conduct as in the classroom. Follow all rules of the bus driver. The bus driver or transportation director keeps the principal informed of misconduct. These referrals will be handled the same as office referrals in school.
All kindergarten and first grade students will be issued a bus tag with their bus number listed. Make sure they wear it daily for about 1-2 weeks.

Students who ride bicycles to school are to park them in the rack provided on the north side of the school building. Bicycles should be secured with a bicycle lock. No student is to ride a bicycle on the school grounds during school hours or bus loading time. All students are to stay away from the parked bicycles during school hours. The decision regarding at what age a child should be permitted to ride his/her bicycle to school rests entirely with the parent/guardian(s).