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Why Dress Code?

Our goal in the dress code is to simplify and assist in reducing the expenses parents have in purchasing school clothes. Education is a serious opportunity, and it is important that we provide a school environment where learning can take place. A dress code contributes to an environment that supports a productive and educational atmosphere. Dressing modestly and in good taste contributes to the student’s educational discipline. All clothing will be neat, clean and in good repair. On dress down days, students are not required to wear uniforms, but they are to dress in a manner that supports a productive and educational atmosphere. Dress code guidelines for non-uniform days will be stipulated by the principal. This will be enforced for PreK-6th grade. Special occasions or exceptions will be given in writing.

Shirts: All students are expected to wear St. Mary logo wear every day. Exceptions to this policy are dress up Mass Dress up – days (Wednesday unless otherwise specified) and Dress-down day (Friday, unless otherwise specified).

Pants: *Every day, all students are permitted to wear jeans or Khaki pants (tan in color). Girls may wear skirts or jumpers in khaki (tan) or denim. Skirts need to be of modest length and shorts must be worn underneath.  Jeans must be blue in color and in good repair (no rhinestones or jeggings).

Shoes: Tennis shoes and other closed toe shoes are acceptable. Socks are required. Sandals and open toe shoes are not permitted at any time for students.

Shorts: Shorts khaki or denim with at least a 4-in inseam are permitted as follows: With Ohio weather, we know it can be very hot outside of these months and we do want to give students the opportunity to be comfortable; if the forecast exceeds 70 degrees, shorts are permitted.

Hair: Hair must be clean and well groomed. Boys may not have hair longer than collar length and be above brow line. No “fad” haircuts or unnatural coloring of hair is permitted.

Hats:   Hats may not be worn in the building at any time.

SPECIAL NOTES: If a student comes to school wearing an article of clothing which is not in compliance with the dress code, he/she will be given a notice of minor misconduct. During school hours inside the building, outerwear (including sweatshirts) should not be worn over the school uniform. Wearing layers under polo shirts or outerwear that is logo wear is encouraged when cold weather prevails. Spaghetti straps and tank tops are not permitted without a sweater over the shoulders. Unless a student brings a change of clothing for use during gym class only, athletic wear is not permitted (sweats, athletic pants, yoga pants, etc.).